Dec 27, 2014

Little Haul #1

HELLOOO! its sale time. new year's sale for certainly. and we can't missed this moment! we have to seize this moment! woohooo LOL. So I just bought a few things that I need the most. Like a mini dress, and flat with the mini block heels. So check em out!

First thing that I bought is sweater by color box. It's recommendation from my mom. And I love it! Mom knows what the best!!! as always ;D what I love from this sweater is there is a studded on it and also the color! You know that red is one of my fav color. So I bought it. And also is not expensive at all. The price it's about 250k. LUH!

Second and the other things are from F21. At first, me and my twin decided to look into this f21 store and my parents also brother go to the other store. I'm so confused like so much confused because I didn't find any :( But then my mom came and YESH she always found the clothes that I want! What a magic xD Mom's right. I can't shopping without her...

I love this mini dress beacuse I love the pattern on this jumpsuit.And ofcourse because is totally CUTE! HEHEE ><

And what I love about this mini jumpsuit because you know me... ITS CUTE HAHAHA. also this is because my mom who finally found this cutie mini jumpsuit <3 a="" cuteee="" is="" its="" made="" more="" pow="" there="" who=""><

they both is on sale too! each for 150k... 

And finally this cutie yet chic flat block heels shoes...


Dec 25, 2014

Winter Outfit Ideas #2

This outfit is suitable for the night! Look a little bit glamour yet elegant and also not forget to look like our age as a teenage =)

Hat : Cotton On
Outer : Noir Sur Blanc
Dress : Uniqlo
Sling Bag : Stradivarius

Dec 21, 2014

Winter Outfit Ideas #1

Hello hahahaha. Even though in my country, Indonesia, doesn't have winter season, but its probably okay rite I posting this outfit... Because I really want to dressing up like this in here. But all I can do its just take a shot in my brother room's. Huft. Butttttt because in the other country now is having a winter season, sooo why not? :P outfit number #1 is kinda like for hang out in the afternoon because its like a playful and a colorful look, don't you think? With soo many polkadot that I'm wearing in the sweater and a shirt. LUH.

Sweater : Ada
Shirt : Colorbox
Skirt : Online shop
Jegging : Cardinal
Boots : Dr. Martens
Sunglasses : Newlook

Dec 17, 2014

Malang, East Java | RTC Edition 2014

Well helloooooo. Long time i didn't posting... of course I have a reason for that. I'm sick. Since Road To Campus. and until now i'm still feeling unwell. Well, that's a problem. I'm such having a tireeeeed time of my life oh and also excited too! So my sick is worth. As you guys know... I'm having yaaa vomit in my bus :( at night almost midnight goes to Jogja. Nobody except my closest friends knew. Even the teacher and the tour guide. They such an angels helping me out of this unwanted problem. I silence and didn't want to told to the teacher because I just didn't want made it seems so complicated. I'm crying so hard. I miss home and yaa all I did says is "I wanna go home" :") I ever thinking if I'm like this what should I do... Because I also having this sickness when I'm had a Study Tour while I was in JHS. But its only go to Jogja. Not like this time. Get up to Surabaya :") And seriously I totally didn't like uncomfortable trip. Freaking badly. I ever thinking if I'm like this, sick, I instantly booking an airplane ticket and cuss go home... But of course that's can't be happened hahaha. When I'm arrived at Hotel in Jogja at midnight I carrying my BIG SUITCASE alone with my little power:( I talked on the phone with my mom while crying :"( and yaa my mom know me so well that I have to 'kerok' thingy when I'm such a sick like that. Mom gave me support. I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD. And fortunately there is najla who is helped me out to do such a thing like that. She's so lovely! Thankyou so much! And I'm instantly fit again HAHAAH Indonesian banget :"D So yeah, since that day and go on. I throught my RTC day with a little sickness. That's annoying. But THANKS god for giving me such a strength to me that I can still enjoying my day with my friend:") That's a very unforgettable moment! Here is some pic when I had such a fun day in Malang! like Batu Night Spectacular, University of Brawijaya, and Mountain of Bromo. With My lovely class of mine, XII SCIENCE 4.

I'm the guard hohoho...

Morning with freaky people...

YOO man its so damn cold in here brrzzz...

Hug for hug with my best {}


Kawah BROMO~