May 27, 2014

Spring Tartan

happy isra mi'raj Nabi Muhammad (27 rajab 1435H)! Glorious journey towards perfection of Islam :) I'm having a fasting in the day. Pay my debt hahaha. I'm bored just stay at home and my mom just got sick :( I feel sorry about my mom, I cant watch my mom feel that pain. Get well very soon mamih! :") So yeah, to fill my fasting time and my day off, i decided to take a shoot in my brother's room mwehehe. so here its the look!

I've been in London! LOL bad edited :(

Thankyou for take a look!
Hope you all having a wonderful and colorful day xoxo


May 2, 2014

Pink Floral

do you want to know behind my photoshoot story? so so much embarrassing xD every person who passes by the front of my house, i suddenly become like a ninja. run into the house as much as i can. accidentally, my family's was in the pool behind of my house. i'm scared when suddenly they show up... xD okay, its enough mwehehe :)



Mar 31, 2014

Dot Jeans America

It's a quick outift btw guyss. When returning from jakarta. My twin and I decided to take a shoot in front of my home xD little embarrassing of course. Because when my neighbor passed by, they always take a look at me. Thats why I cant express my style huhuhu :(



Mar 25, 2014

Lost in Little India

hollo!! long timeee i didn't write on this blog :( miss? totally, of course!!! so the plan now I'm gonna share my outfit when I'm in singapore, precisely in the Little India. Confused what I want to say anymore... here it is! LOL

Jacket : GAP
Skirt : from hongkong
Shoes : from spore