Nov 22, 2014

Senior High School Year Book 2014-2015

MY OUTIFT FOR MY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOK!! I finally post it on the blog yipiii. Well, Im happy being active on the blog again. I will posting all my photos in my computer. #sayangkalodibuang. #sayangkalogadishare xD So, I hope you enjoyed as much as I do :) Happy friday lovely heart human being!

Top & Dress by Uniqlo
Platform Shoes by New Look

Nov 17, 2014

Beach Please!

Holla~ right now, I freaking love the beach. Everything about the beach! the corals, the sand, the air, the wave, and everything. AHHH. So here it is the shoot that i  took in Bakaheuni Beach, Malingping, Lebak, Banten.


Nov 16, 2014

Grandma's House

Just visited my grandma's house in Malingping, Lebak, Banten. My grandma's has been sick, i'm so sad seeing her felt that pain. Actually my mom want to stay for a few night in there. But you know that I can't. I have to go school tomorrow, so ya it just one night stayed in there. First day in there, I'm so damly boreeed. I dont know why, maybe because there is no internet connection in there and it make me suck. So what i did in there is just laying on the bed and then sleep and then wake up and then eat and then watching tv and then sleep again... That is my satnite, whats yours? :) But in a second day, my dad and I decided to going to the beach and that was so much fun! the clear skies, the perfect sunny-not-to-hot weather! I LOVE THAT! as you guys know from cilegon to malimping is about -+ 150 km. In hour is about 1 or 2 hour to go there. With the road full of hole and blind turning. i'm so like oh god i can't sleep... hahaha sorry dad :p but who knows its like playing with my adrenaline. Like a roller coaster but its only going up (?). Okey, THE END.

Commercial time... whut???

 Another commercial... whut? HAHAHA

Nov 14, 2014

Airport Outift

okay stop it anni you look creepy...

Well, Hello~ as you guys see i'm on the blog again now. its because anna, my freaky twin...
but it turns good ritee mwehehe i can write my feelings in here also share my #OOTD.
so, let begins with this outfit shoot... when I was going to... AH YOGYAKARTA~ the city which is full of lecture and traditions~

can you see guys? Can You See?........... I think i'm changed a lot. like a lot.  if you guys didn't realized it, you can check my last post... but I wish that you're not check it... It's terrible. really. OMG I LOVE PUBERTY! XD